Interview: Firmino

10.11.2016 00:00

Hi! We thought that we'd try something new and this is first player interview of beginners league and we have Firmino, the owner of Liverpool Liverbirds here. 


Hi, Firmino! 

- Hi! 


Welcome to first player interview of beginners league! 
You are the owner of Liverpool Liverbirds. Where is the name from and are you football fan?

- The name comes from Liverpool FC which is like my second home. The Liverbirds come from the history of the city. I'm a huge football fan! 


Me too! did you end up to the Beginners league? 
- We saw the notice on the forum about a beginners league, read it and then sent a message to maikol saying my team would like to join the kesäcup. 
It's nice to have Liverpool here! What do you think about Beginners league? Are you satisfied with system? How would YOU improve the league? 
- The Beginners league has been good, but we need more active teams on it.. We are playing the same two teams always.. so that could be improved.
When and how did you start
- I actually started kiekko in late 2007.. few of my friends were playing it so I wanted to try... but I have had many years break from the game.
You as a player, which attributes are your strengths and which are you weaknesses?
- My strengths are my defending and passing. I have a lot of to improve though in shooting and attacking, passes also. 
What is your goal in your "career"? 
- My goal is to lead my team to win the Beginners league  and to have fun everytime i Enter the kiekko world (the server) 
That sounds nice! Which things you could improve in
- Not quite sure
At last but not least i want to ask you that will the real Liverpool win the Premier League in 16-17?
- Let's hope so! #YNWA
Let's hope! Thanks for being interviewed, Firmino! 
This was the first interview of beginners league and if you liked this, maybe we will do more in the future!


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