August Cup is a prepearing cup

16.07.2017 14:36
Players can play august games to get ready for next season. Organizers will be Hob. Greci and Adak with Maikol. Teams has to sign up separately for one of them and they are fighting together of august championship.

Royal Rumble the new training team

27.05.2017 02:26
Vancouver Rocket's new defender Lapute gave an offer for the league to use his old team Royal Rumble for a training purpose. That turned out a great idea and the team were registered as an official Aleague's training team. Team plays mostly off season, but there can be also training matches for...

Erie Otters ei pelaa ensi kaudella

31.03.2017 14:25
Tiedotus--------Erie Otters ei pelaa ensi kaudella aloittelijoiden liigaa. Erie ei pelaa siksi koska olen liika epäaktiivinen ja pelaan yleensä jotain.Erie Otters kunnioittaa Vancouver Rocketsia aliigan mestaruudesta. Erie Otters nostaa D_Larkinin paidan kattoon. Ja toivon että Aloittelijan liiga...


26.02.2017 01:31
Aloittelijoiden liigalle saadaan pian suomenkieliset selostukset. Ne löytyy liigan omalta Youtube -kanavalta joka linkataan pian liigasivulle. Selostan alkuun liigapelejä varmaan itse. Ne voivat olla tönkösti selostettuja kun minulla ei ole kokemusta selostamisesta, mutta hyvä puoli on ainakin se,...

Next season

20.02.2017 19:31
Aleague board had a convertation. Next season games will be detailed. Aliiga will publish calender and all games will be played 19:00 Season will take about 6 months plus Play Offs. Games will still be played team challenges, but 4vs4. Penalties will be added on. As a league game will be counted...

All Stars ended 3-2

26.12.2016 13:46
All Stars ended 3-2 for Team America

New Aleague page

02.12.2016 13:49
RyanH has designed new Aleague press homepage. What made RyanH design this new page? The idea of getting stats to the league and goals, made me feel something is missing New site has information about league, some news, another standings and also player stats. I came site and found there our...

All Stars day

21.11.2016 19:41
Aliiga will organize All Stars day. Day innovator is Greci and organizer Aliiga We have selected two captains in facebook which will select the teams, one from Liverpool, East. One from Vancouver, West League will be divided west and east. Team captains are Maikol, west and Firmino, east. West...

Interview: Firmino

10.11.2016 00:00
Hi! We thought that we'd try something new and this is first player interview of beginners league and we have Firmino, the owner of Liverpool Liverbirds here.    Hi, Firmino!  - Hi!    Welcome to first player interview of beginners league!    You are the owner of...

Tournament will continue

06.11.2016 22:36
International tournament will continue. Finland and Slovak play next at saturday 12.11 20:00 FIN time and 19:00 SVK time. Slovak line-up is J.Cheecho, Greci, adak249, siwanar, HoB., Marsii and DAVEKE Finland has not ready line-ups.
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